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Arrested and Not Read Your Rights: Myth versus Fact

Question: "I was arrested and the police didn't read me my rights--does this mean the case will get thrown out by the judge?" Answer: Probably Not (But wait, don't leave this page ...
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Domestic Violence and Gun Rights in Nevada

Most people know that convicted felons can't own guns. This is based on state and federal laws that make it illegal for an ex felon to possess firearms. However, most people are unaware of the ...
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Avvo Profile, Content, and Badges

Avvo is a website that allows users to ask legal questions in any area of law and get answers from practicing lawyers in those fields. I recently started participating in Avvo, and in the month of ...
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Domestic violence dismissed by prosecutor per statute?

What does it mean when a domestic violence charge is dismissed per statute? If you were in Las Vegas Justice Court on a domestic violence charge and the District Attorney dismissed the case ...
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Special treatment for celebrities charged with crimes?

When celebrities like Paris Hilton or Floyd Mayweather Jr. are arrested in Las Vegas and charged with crimes, the local and national media pays close attention to how the cases are resolved. As ...
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Locating people in Las Vegas and Clark County jails

Has someone you care about been arrested in Las Vegas, Henderson, or somewhere else in Clark County? Read this article to learn how you can find this valuable information by searching various online ...
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Contacted by detectives in Las Vegas

What should you do when a Las Vegas Metro detective is contacting you? If you are suspected of committing a crime, you will likely be contacted by a detective from the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police ...
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Explaining the 48 hour hearing and the 72 hour hearing

If someone you care about has been accused of a crime in Las Vegas, was arrested, and is now locked up in Clark County Detention Center, you are most likely desperate for information and advice on ...
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Community Service for Las Vegas Courts

Community Service: Frequently Asked Questions and General Information As a criminal defense attorney, many of my clients end up doing community service as part of plea negotiation in a criminal case. ...
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Frequently Asked Questions about Bail in Las Vegas

Frequently Asked Questions about Bail in Las Vegas Many of my clients have been arrested on criminal charges and need to get bailed out as soon as possible. Others have already been bailed out but are ...
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What is a stipulated sentence?

A "stipulated sentence" is a term used in criminal law to indicate that the parties have agreed upon a particular sentence in a criminal case. But there is a lot of confusion amongst ...
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Arrested for having drugs in your system

Everyone knows that it's illegal to possess controlled substances or to operate vehicles under the influence of those substances, but is it illegal to simply have drugs in your system in public? ...
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Detained in a Las Vegas casino

You can be questioned and detained in a Las Vegas casino if security believes you are cheating, and the casino and the security guards cannot be held criminally or civilly liable in most cases. ...
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DUI for sleeping in your car?

In Nevada, you do not have to be driving a vehicle in order to be charged with a DUI. Believe it or not, we have represented several clients who were arrested for a DUI while they were sitting or ...
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When Metro gets a domestic violence call, someone is going to jail

When a police officer in Nevada responds to a domestic violence call, the law requires him to arrest someone, even if the physical contact is minor. In particular, NRS 171.137(1) states that a ...
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A hearsay exception that allows the use of false confessions

It's common knowledge that "hearsay" is not allowed in court, but not many people know there is a major exception used frequently to convict criminal defendants based on their own ...
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There's no such thing as "pressing charges" in Las Vegas

In movies and on television, criminal charges are dropped the instant the alleged victim says "I'm not pressing charges," but that's not how it works in real life. I often hear from ...
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Domestic Violence charge for fighting with a roommate?

Many people would be surprised to realize that under Nevada's domestic violence laws, a person can be convicted of battery constituting domestic violence for getting into a physical fight with a ...
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Welcome to our new Criminal Defense Blog

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new criminal defense blog with a RSS feed located here.
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