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Casino Crimes in Las Vegas, Nevada

Have you been arrested for a casino crime?

Nevada is known for its many casinos, which provide gambling and entertainment activities for millions of visitors and residents throughout the state annually. As a result, casino crimes are unique to Las Vegas and Clark County. These crimes consist of criminal offenses that are gambling related, such as various forms of theft, including casino marker default, cheating systems, and casino employee theft. More than half of all casino crimes are theft-related, while others may consist of such offenses as drunk and disorderly conduct, passing bad checks, credit card fraud, prostitution and / or solicitation, or drug crimes.

Casino Marker Default

Casino markers may be issued as lines of credit to anyone who engages in gambling in a casino. Many people are unaware that failure to pay a casino marker that is valued at $250 or more is a Class D felony offense in Nevada. Generally, you have 30 days to make good on a casino marker debt. If you fail to pay your debt to the casino, you will receive notice and be given the opportunity to handle it. If, however, you continue to default on the debt, you will be open to both civil and criminal charges. A warrant for your arrest may be issued. If you live outside of the state, you may be extradited to face the charges, with penalties that may include jail or prison time, fines, collection fees, restitution, and other consequences. If your debt is less than $250, you will be charged with a misdemeanor.

Either way, conviction of this crime will result in a criminal record which is a further negative consequence which can adversely affect your future. Any routine background check by a future employer, state licensing agency, educational institution, or landlord will turn up a criminal conviction. The sooner you contact me for experienced legal help in resolving a casino marker default or other casino crime, the more effective I can be. As a criminal defense attorney, I can negotiate with the District Attorney's office on your behalf; I have helped countless individuals in my practice as a Las Vegas casino crime attorney. Let me use my legal experience and skills to help you avoid the negative consequences of a criminal conviction.

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